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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 | $100 OFF on your FIRST PURCHASE of $999 or more - Use Code WELCOME100!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 | $100 OFF on your FIRST PURCHASE of $999 or more - Use Code WELCOME100!

The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Hearth Outpost presents the best outdoor pizza ovens for sale online, catering to all your culinary desires. Elevate your pizza-making experience with our diverse range of pizza ovens. Whether you crave the traditional flavors of wood-fired pizza or the ease of gas, propane, or natural gas pizza ovens, we have you covered. Our selection includes versatile free-standing, portable, and countertop pizza ovens, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your outdoor cooking needs. Craft gourmet pizzas in your backyard oasis with our premium outdoor pizza ovens.

The Top Brands in Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Freestanding Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, a poolside gathering, or a cozy dinner on the patio, freestanding pizza ovens provide the adaptability and convenience that built-in ovens can't match. With their efficient heating, quick cooking times, and easy mobility, these ovens empower you to create mouthwatering dishes while enjoying the flexibility of outdoor cooking on your terms.

Portable Pizza Ovens

Experience outdoor cooking freedom with our portable pizza ovens. Whether you're camping, tailgating, or simply looking to take your culinary skills beyond the confines of your kitchen, these versatile ovens provide you with the flexibility to enjoy wood-fired pizza anywhere you go. Compact, easy to transport, and quick to set up, they're the perfect companions for those who crave the authentic taste of pizza on the move.

Countertop Pizza Ovens

Elevate your outdoor kitchen with the top countertop pizza ovens, designed for those who appreciate the convenience of a built-in solution. These ovens seamlessly integrate into your countertop space, offering a dedicated pizza-making station that's always ready for action. Experience the joy of wood-fired or gas-fired pizza right at your fingertips, all within the comfort of your outdoor kitchen haven.

Fire Magic Countertop Pizza Oven

Propane & Natural Gas Pizza Ovens

Propane & Natural Gas pizza oven models provide instant heat control, eliminating the need for lengthy preheating and constant wood monitoring. Many models have options to use either Gas or Wood. Whether you crave the traditional charm of wood-fired pizza or the convenience of gas, our ovens give you the freedom to choose your preferred cooking style, making outdoor pizza parties a breeze.

Features to Keep In Mind While Shopping

When choosing the best outdoor pizza oven, you have many factors to consider. Fortunately, we've already done much of the work for you when it comes to listing only the top pizza ovens in the industry. Need help? We're here for you at any time to help answer questions. Just give us a call at 1-877-807-0545 to speak to one of our Certified Experts!

Fuel Type

Consider whether you prefer the flavor and authenticity of wood-fired pizza or the convenience of gas-powered ovens, including propane or natural gas. Your choice of fuel will impact cooking times and flavors. Propane & Natural Gas are far more convenient to operate, while wood-fired offers a more authentic smoky taste.

Construction & Materials

Look for durable materials like stainless steel or refractory concrete that can withstand outdoor elements. High-quality insulation ensures efficient heat retention and even cooking, while extending the lifespan of your outdoor pizza oven.

Pizza in Oven

Size & Capacity

Assess the available space in your outdoor area and the number of pizzas you plan to make simultaneously. Choose an oven that suits your cooking needs without overcrowding your space. If opting for a Countertop model, be sure you have the proper support needed to carry the weight of a concrete oven.

Temperature Control

If you're looking for maximum convenience, consider opting for pizza ovens with adjustable temperature controls for versatility in cooking various dishes beyond pizza. This feature allows you to sear, bake, or roast with precision without frequent need to adjust wood.