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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 | $100 OFF on your FIRST PURCHASE of $999 or more - Use Code WELCOME100!

Fire Magic Choice Multi-User Accessible 24" Gas Grill w/ Analog Thermometer on Patio Post

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Original price $5,274.72
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Current price $4,547.70

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Fuel Type: Propane

The Fire Magic Choice Multi-User Accessible 24-inch Gas Grill with Analog Thermometer on Patio Post offers a premium outdoor grilling experience with its cutting-edge features and accessibility. This versatile gas grill allows multiple users to comfortably enjoy the cooking process, making it ideal for gatherings and events. With its precise analog thermometer, you can easily monitor and control the grilling temperature for perfectly cooked meals every time. Mounted on a sturdy patio post, this Fire Magic grill becomes a stylish centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen, delivering both functionality and aesthetic appeal to elevate your outdoor cooking game.

Key Features

  • Multi-User Accessible: Designed for all users, including wheelchair access, enhancing inclusivity.
  • Efficient Heating: Powerful burners deliver consistent heat across 432 sq. in. of cooking space.
  • Analog Thermometer: Monitor your grill's temperature with the classic and reliable analog gauge.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Durable, rust-resistant materials ensure longevity and easy maintenance.
  • Push-Button Ignition: Quickly ignite the grill for hassle-free starting every time.
  • Warming Rack: Keep your dishes warm while grilling more food to perfection.
  • Built-in Storage Rack: Conveniently store cooking utensils and accessories within reach.

Introducing the Fire Magic Choice Multi-User Accessible Gas Grill - a masterful combination of innovation, versatility, and accessibility. Elevate your grilling game with this 24-inch grill, boasting an array of impressive features. Perfect for patios and outdoor gatherings, this grill is thoughtfully designed to accommodate everyone, including wheelchair users, making your barbecues more inclusive and enjoyable.

Let's talk performance. Equipped with powerful burners, this grill boasts an ample 432 square inches of cooking space, ensuring consistent heat distribution for perfectly grilled delicacies. The analog thermometer adds a classic touch, allowing you to keep a close eye on the temperature for precise cooking control.

Crafted from stainless steel, this grill exudes durability and resists rust, providing you with years of grilling pleasure without the worry of wear and tear. Plus, the push-button ignition ensures a hassle-free start, so you can focus on the culinary artistry.

Not only does the Fire Magic Choice Grill deliver remarkable performance, but it also enhances your convenience. The warming rack keeps your dishes hot while you continue to grill more delights. Moreover, the built-in storage rack grants easy access to your cooking essentials, eliminating the need to run back and forth for utensils.

With the Fire Magic Choice Multi-User Accessible Gas Grill, relish in the joy of cooking for everyone, knowing that inclusivity is at the heart of every delicious moment.

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Model: CMA430S-RT1P-P6
  • Fuel Type: Propane & Natural Gas
  • Grill Size: 24 inches
  • Cooking Area: 432 sq. in.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thermometer Type: Analog
  • Ignition Type: Push-Button
  • Warming Rack: Included
  • Storage Rack: Built-in
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: H 54.5" x W 62" x D 27"

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