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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 | $100 OFF on your FIRST PURCHASE of $999 or more - Use Code WELCOME100!

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 65" Black Uptown Linear Gas Fire Pit Table

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Elevate your outdoor space with the sleek Black Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table from Outdoor GreatRoom's Uptown Collection. Enjoy the stunning 2-tier design, 65,000 BTU Crystal Fire® Plus Burner, and customizable finishes.

Key Features

  • Modern Design: Granite and stucco blend in the eye-catching Uptown Collection's 2-tier design.
  • Stunning Fire: 12" x 42" Crystal Fire® Plus Burner creates a mesmerizing glowing fire.
  • Functional Elegance: Perfect for entertaining with a functional yet beautiful table design.
  • Supercast™ Top: Features a Two-Tier Midnight Mist Supercast™ concrete top.
  • Powerful Burner: 65,000 BTUs (LP) or 80,000 BTUs (NG) Crystal Fire® Plus Burner.
  • Easy Conversion: Setup for propane, includes a conversion kit for natural gas.

Experience the epitome of outdoor luxury with the Black Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company's Uptown Collection. This modern marvel combines granite and stucco in a captivating two-tier design that stands as an artful centerpiece for your outdoor entertainment area. The 12" x 42" Crystal Fire® Plus Burner takes center stage, bathing your space in a warm and enchanting glow that adds a touch of magic to any gathering.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Black Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table boasts a versatile design that blends seamlessly into various outdoor aesthetics. 

Functional beauty is the cornerstone of this masterpiece. The Two-Tier Midnight Mist Supercast™ concrete top offers ample space for setting drinks and snacks, while the Midnight Storm stucco base provides durability and a modern touch. The 65,000 BTU Crystal Fire® Plus Burner, adorned with clear tempered fire glass gems, generates a captivating flame that invites warm conversations under the open sky.

This fire pit table is not only a source of ambiance but also a testament to engineering excellence. It features a sliding access door that discreetly conceals a standard 20 lb. propane tank, ensuring a clutter-free and elegant appearance. The included conversion kit allows for easy transition to natural gas, giving you more options to fuel your fiery gatherings.

Enhance your experience by adding optional accessories such as a glass wind guard for added safety and a protective cover to keep your investment in pristine condition. The Black Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table offers both manual ignition with a battery-operated sparker and the option to upgrade to electronic Direct Spark Ignition for added convenience.

Embrace the warmth, style, and innovation of the Black Uptown Gas Fire Pit Table from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company's Uptown Collection. Elevate your outdoor space and create unforgettable moments with this exquisite addition to your home.

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Tabletop: Two-Tier Midnight Mist Supercast™ concrete top
  • Base: Midnight Storm stucco base
  • Burner: 12” x 42” Crystal Fire® Plus Burner
  • BTUs: 65,000 BTUs (LP), 80,000 BTUs (NG)
  • Extras: Grey glass burner cover, sliding 20 lb. LP tank drawer, burner cover included
  • Compatibility: Optional glass wind guard, protective cover, and fire media (sold separately)
  • Fuel Options: Setup for liquid propane, convertible to natural gas with included kit
  • Ignition: Battery-operated sparker
  • Safety: UL Listed, Made in the USA with Globally Sourced Components
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How fast is the order processed and delivered? How does it ship?

    A: Most orders are processed in 24 hours and items are shipped within 5-7 days. Some products may take 4-6 weeks if they require custom processing (made-to-order). Due to the weight, items are typically delivered via Freight Truck. Exact times are provided during order placement. You can also contact us at 1-877-807-0545 to speak to a member of the team before placing your order!

    Q: Can I use a gas fire feature on a wooden deck? 

    A: Yes, you can use a gas fire feature on a wooden deck, but it's important to place a fire pit pad or heat-resistant barrier underneath to protect the deck from potential heat or sparks. But never use a wood-burning fire pit on a wooden deck!

    Q: Can I convert a propane fire feature to natural gas? 

    A: Many propane fire features can be converted to natural gas with a conversion kit (most include the conversion kit). However, it's important to check the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to ensure a safe and proper conversion.

    Q: What is a BTU rating for fire pits & tables? 

    A: BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating indicates the heat output of a fire pit. A higher BTU rating generally means more heat. Consider your outdoor space size and heating needs when choosing a fire pit with an appropriate BTU rating.

    Q: Do fire pits & tables come with a glass wind guard, cover and media? 

    A: Most do not come with these items included. We offer these items as accessories and recommend the best options here on this page (above), which can help you make the most of your fire feature.

    Q: How do I clean and maintain my fire feature? 

    A: Regular maintenance includes cleaning the burner, and wiping down the surfaces. Check your product's manual for specific cleaning instructions. Using a protective cover when not in use can also extend the life of your fire pit or table.

    Call us at 1-877-807-0545, we'd love to help answer any questions!

    DON'T FORGET! Elevate your fire feature experience with essential accessories.

    Wind Guards ensure consistent flames, guarding against gusts for uninterrupted ambiance, while enhancing your outdoor comfort.

    Embrace the allure of Fire Gems, Glass, Diamond Nuggets and Lava Rocks, adding a captivating play of color and light to your space. Crafted for safety and endurance, they promise enchanting gatherings.

    And don't forget the cover – a crucial addition to protect your investment, extending the life and beauty of your fire feature. Make every moment unforgettable, as you create an oasis of warmth, beauty, and lasting memories.

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